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Enough about us at, let’s talks about Colorado’s Dispensary of the year for 2014!

Hashish House

Dispensary of the year 2014
Pueblo Colorado
The Hashish House is the fastest growing and most talked about recreational marijuana dispensary in Southern Colorado. This award winning dispensary has been rated number one in overall customer satisfaction, product quality and selection. I personally interviewed several of the shop’s finest budtenders and managers and asked them what makes their store so special. Join me now on a journey through Southern Colorado’s Dispensary of the Year.

Location and Contact Details

428 S. McCulloch Blvd. in Pueblo West is the quaint location of the best recreational marijuana dispensary I have visited in the state of Colorado. Parking is convenient and easily accessed from any direction you are coming from. Make sure you have a valid state issued identification ready for the man at the door to verify you are over 21 years of age. Once your age has been verified by the person at the front desk, you are free to enter the display area and shop at your leisure. There are always several budtenders available to assist you with any questions you may have about the products.  If you know what you want and the budtenders are occupied with other customers, you can sit on the benches and read about the latest marijuana news and topics.  Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the aroma. I smile every time I open the door. The smell of chronic is powerful from the moment you walk in, and the extra few minutes you spend waiting are actually free sessions of aroma therapy. The smell of good ganja is priceless and to be surrounded by good people and good weed is an enjoyable experience.


I perused the guest books and found that people from 39 states and several foreign countries including Canada, India, France, and England have visited the store. One guest commented “This place is amazing! Great customer service! Really enjoyed my first experience” and Walter Wood, 60, from Texas said “My candy store”. Zach, 34, from Oklahoma stated “very nice atmosphere, great people, and awesome selection” while Max, 40, from Georgia said this was “the start of a beautiful relationship!!” Kristina and Anthony said they were “back for more infusions!! Happiest place on earth!” Perhaps the best comment I came across was from Scooby & the gang, it said “solving the mystery of the bloodshot eyes”. There are several books filled with comments like these, which is why Hashish House won People’s Choice for Dispensary of the Year.


After enjoying the aroma and having time to examine the goods, I asked the budtenders about the products they carry. They said that one of the reasons the customers love this dispensary is the variety in selection of flower. This store grows some of the most popular and sought after strains with most strains testing over 20% THC. In addition to the strains grown by Hashish House, they also bring in many of the best top end strains from all four corners of the state. Cannabis flower or bud isn’t the only reason customers love this shop, one of the managers mentioned that this store has one of the widest varieties of concentrates available in Colorado. The selection of concentrates includes the Mob Boss Live Resin made from the special selection grown by Hashish House and manufactured by Venom. This live resin tested the highest that the testing facility has ever seen at 81% THC. Look for this product at the Cannabis Cup in Denver and buy some today at the Hashish House for the best dab ever.


Once I moved past the awesome concentrates, I found the THC infused lotions, lip balms, and tinctures. The hashish House staff says that customers really enjoy the new THC  and CBD infused tincture drops and report back that it is a must try for all marijuana lovers.  Next we find the edible display filled with amazing gummies, mints, and beverages. Be sure to always ask a budtender about suggested dosages and serving sizes if you are inexperienced with marijuana edibles. Always remember that it may take hours before you feel the effects so go SLOW and LOW and don’t overdo and ruin your experience.  Finally we reach the register, where there is an assortment of glass pipes, bubblers, bongs, rolling papers, screens, grinders, Hashish House monogramed Bic lighters and other various marijuana accompaniments.  I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Hashish House and I definitely recommend this shop to every marijuana enthusiast as a must visit, congratulations on earning “Dispensary of the Year”.


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Michele M.

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