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4/20 Festivities

Butterfly_at_the_Butterfly_PavilionThe marijuana enthusiasts annual holiday is next Monday. 4/20 has become the day that marijuana advocates unite to show support for cannabis and to promote change in federal laws that prohibit marijuana use, cultivation and possession. Here in Colorado, adults enjoy the freedom to choose if they want to consume marijuana. In most states in the nation people are denied the personal freedom of choice as an educated adult, to decide for themselves if marijuana use is right for them. Due to the lack of freedom in personal choice brought on by restrictions created by federal laws, people use the well known date to show support for legalization of marijuana in the United States. There will be several locations in Denver that will be holding 4/20 celebrations including music, vending and the positive vibe of people coming together to promote cannabis. Pueblo has the Bud Bowl which is being sponsored by companies in the marijuana industry to promote the holiday in southern Colorado. 420 has a long history of being known as part of the marijuana culture, and if you are planning your own 420 celebration, don’t forget to stock up on all of your favorites: wax, shatter, budder, live resin, edibles, or honey oil for the vape pen. Once you’ve gotten all the supplies, be safe and enjoy the festivities.

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